Hello world!

Seems like a very standard blog post. Just the first entry on this new blog and I think, the headline fits very well.

Why this blog?

I think the business card is a little bit out of fashion. I want to inform and start to discuss about my research in the field of technology analysis with methods and tools from Quality Management and Requirements Engineering (RE). But at the moment it is not more then a little test for me.

What means this S & I?

Before you ask, here is the answer: Almost 20 years ago (hopefully I remember to update this page in 2 years) in the year 2k, my friend Sebastian Abele and me founded a team for developing computer games. During an art lesson in school we thought about a name for our team. It was the time of Windows98 and we had so much fun re-installing this operating system all the time. So we wanted to immortalize this nearly perfect piece of software in our name: We flipped the name and it became: “Swodniw”: But we learned that it was to hard to pronounce, so it became “Swodow” and finally we got the name: SwodowInteractive. Though, we got sick of this unfunny joke and in 2001 we shortened the SwodowInteractive to SI.

We could not agree for a new acronym, so today the SI has now no meaning. Some older ideas: Software Interested, Stuttgart Informatik, Software Innovations, Silicium.. If you have good suggestions..

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